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Solutions for industries and enterprises to gain value from blockchain powered supply chain ecosystems with built-in trust, automation, and privacy.


Advancing global trade

Chronicled is deploying decentralized supply chain ecosystems and building protocol-driven solutions to enhance global trade across key industries. By leveraging the power of our product suite and networks, some of the world’s largest enterprises and industries are building more efficient, collaborative, and secure b2b trade.

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Chronicled Protocols

For businesses
and enterprises

Build smarter, more secure, and trusted supply chain networks with powerful protocol solutions catered to your specific industry use cases.

Tap into a p2p network that delivers collaborative ROI to you and your trade partners
Solve end-to-end supply chain problems with new tools that complement siloed legacy systems
Leverage enterprise protocols to automate your business processes
Multi-sided marketplace to provide you value at the lowest cost
Keep complete control of your private business data
Gain security, audit, and compliance advantages

For service providers

Provide added value for your customers by developing services on top of the decentralized network infrastructure.

Start quickly with easy integration and customer onboarding
Grow revenue by helping customers with previously unsolved supply chain issues
Save the effort and costs of setting up a decentralized, enterprise-grade blockchain infrastructure on your own
Keep customer data safe by only storing public data and proofs on the ledger
Build powerful solutions with cutting-edge blockchain tech
Pay as you go without upfront fees
Chronicled Network
Chronicled Ecosystems

For industry
operated networks

Champion a collaborative cross-business network within your industry. Implement standards, build shared solutions, and innovate together.

Enforce business rules while keeping private data safe
Solve end-to-end supply chain problems (e.g. recalls)
Deliver collaborative ROI (e.g. $300m savings with one use case)
Codify multi-company standards (e.g. NIST, ISO)
into protocols to minimize compliance costs
Establish new trusted industry partnerships on a truly decentralized network
Define the governance policies by which your network operates

Trusted by innovative enterprises across industries

"We are excited to be working with Chronicled and building on their Chain of Custody solution. It has helped set the foundation for the Responsible Gold Supply Chain and Emergent Technology's ability to track gold from mine to vault.”

Daniel Goldstein, SVP of Engineering
Emergent Technology

"Manufacturers, encourage your IT team or solution provider to find out more. We have a problem to solve and a proven technology to solve it. Let's show the Pharma supply chain we can embrace it and be a technology leader."

Matt Sample, VP Manufacturer Operations

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