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Building ecosystems

We’re on a mission to bring more trust into supply chains by facilitating the creation of trusted and fully decentralized industry ecosystems - and by designing and building the tools to support them.

About Chronicled
Chronicled Mission
Our Mission

Driving the future of enterprise supply chains

Imagine a world where trust between enterprises is never in doubt. Imagine entire supply chains that circle the globe and yet are always completely secure for the customers they serve, wherever they may be. And finally, imagine a world where collaboration isn’t just a means to an end but is built-into the very fabric of a fully decentralized network of industry partners working together to solve shared issues - without the burden of traditional siloed systems and without loss of data privacy.

This is all possible today with the decentralized supply chain networks and protocols designed and facilitated by Chronicled.

We’re on a mission to bring entire industries onto our industry-driven and operated ecosystems. Not only to unlock the collaborative ROI and exponential benefits that those networks can bring to our enterprise partners, but also to reinvent the way enterprise supply chains are operated across major industries in the world so that they can be more trusted, sustainable, secure, and automated.


The new global supply chain stack

Industries lack shared systems to communicate, transact, and enforce cross-business rules seamlessly. Our product suite solves those limitations by enabling p2p industry networks anchored by blockchain that maintain and enforce master data and business rules, without exposing private data.


Powered by protocol-driven solutions, enterprises can come together to form industry driven and operated decentralized networks, unlocking cumulative and collaborative ROI.


Businesses can customize and combine protocols to create even more powerful and customized end-to-end supply chain solutions


A library of building blocks to power smarter, automated, and more secure supply chains.


The underlying p2p and blockchain-anchored layer of the new enterprise supply chain stack enables truly decentralized commerce, without exposing private business data.


A culture of innovation and collaboration

At Chronicled, we value an inclusive and diverse environment where technical precision, passion, and curiosity pave the way for collaborative building. Above all, we value and prioritize authenticity in our people, partnerships, data, and products.

Since 2014, we’ve worked together to bring our individual skills, collective expertise, and evolving insights to every project we are trusted to take on by our select enterprise partners - from the more simple ones to the complex ones that tackle global supply chain issues.

As we grow, this tradition of excellence and continuous appetite for learning, innovating, and building networks continues to guide our work every day.

IoT and Blockchain Laboratory
Chronicled Innovation
Enterprise Protocol Lab and Trusted IoT
Enterprise Protocol Lab

Building the future

In 2014, Chronicled founded the IoT and Blockchain Lab. This collaborative space was designed to drive research and develop standards for the integration of IoT and blockchain technologies.

Then, in 2016, we made this code open-source to a community of blockchain enterprises and start-ups. This fuelled the development of the Trusted IoT Alliance, which supports the creation of secure, scalable, interoperable and trusted IoT ecosystems on a global scale today.

In 2018, we renamed the Lab the Enterprise Protocol Lab to reflect our increasing emphasis on technical R&D to design unique protocol-driven solutions to solve multi-stakeholder problems with full privacy on the ledger. Some of our protocols do continue to involve IoT devices, but we have put greater and greater emphasis on building privacy-protected enterprise protocols of all kinds, which is reflected in the renaming of the Lab and our growing team of smart contract engineers and applied cryptographers.

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