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MediLedger is an open and decentralized network for the pharmaceutical supply chain.

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An open and decentralized network for the pharmaceutical industry.

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An open and decentralized network for the pharmaceutical industry.


Bringing the Pharma industry together

The MediLedger Project was started in 2017 to bring together leading Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Distributors to explore blockchain technology to meet track and trace regulations, and to provide a step function improvement in the overall operation of the supply chain.

We are helping the pharmaceutical industry to launch a permissioned blockchain network based on open standards and specifications. Nodes are distributed - operated by industry participants and technology providers who serve the industry. This is possible due to solving the data privacy problem.


A network driven and governed by industry

Full data control and privacy
Truly decentralized

MediLedger is is a fully decentralized network with participants running the nodes. Business transactions are peer-to-peer without point-to-point integrations, each participant owns their confidential data, and there is no central administrator, only a network manager.

Synchronized master data
Synchronized master data

Minimize costly point to point integrations and save time over manual workflows by sending out contracts or documents to your entire network instead of one customer at a time.

Full data control and privacy
Full data control and privacy

An industry-driven and operated network is only possible because the MediLedger Project has solved the sensitive issue of data privacy. No business intelligence is shared between partners, but rules are still enforceable due to zero-knowledge transaction verification across the supply chain.

How it works

An open and collaborative network

MediLedger is an industry-wide network driven and operated by the industry itself, connecting participants p2p on a decentralized and secure blockchain network.

Network Participants

Driven by innovative enterprises collaborating together


The MediLedger story.

Q1 2017
MediLedger Project Initiated
  • Industry leading manufacturers and wholesalers come together to test if blockchain can meet DSCA regulations
  • Press release
  • Focus on 2023 interoperable requirements
Q3 2017
Proof of Concept Demonstrated
  • Utilizing zero-knowledge proofs we demonstrate the ability to change ownership of drugs while validating authenticity AND retaining full privacy
  • Identified functionality could also solve 2019 DSCSA Saleable Returns
Q1 2018
Commercial Development
  • Publish 2017 Progress Report showing solution progress as well as roadmap for the industry ecosystem
  • Development of Saleable Returns solution with blockchain based lookup directory
Q2 2018
Industry Requirements Achieved
  • Saleable Returns solution tested with sub second response
  • M&A scenarios dynamically managed on blockchain
Q3 2018
MediLedger Progress Grows
  • Group grows to 5 top ten manufacturers and the top 3 wholesalers
  • Testing grows to include service providers
  • Working group started to design solutions for Contracting and Chargebacks
Q3/4 2018
Contracting and Chargebacks Initial Phase
  • Preliminary meetings to define the Contracting and Chargebacks solution
  • Enrollment for Contracting and Chargebacks Working Group underway
  • Pilot solution completed
Q1 2019
MediLedger Network Grows
  • Industry oversight established to govern network
  • Network charter and policies ratified
  • Launched FDA Confidential Change of Ownership pilot
Q3 2019
Platform Grows
  • Saleable Returns Protocols to launch in October/November
  • Confidential Change of Ownership (2023 interoperable system) commercial development to begin
  • Preparing for Contracting and Chargebacks roster management launch

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Custom Solutions

Solutions built with protocols

The MediLedger network is fully supported by its industry node operators. The ecosystem utilizes the Account Management, Traceability, and Finance protocols to power the Saleable Returns, Confidential Change of Ownership, and Chargebacks solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

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