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Our team of team applied cryptographers develop and advance privacy-preserving protocols to power better supply chains for our enterprise partners.

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Elevate your supply chain to new levels

Our research and development protocol lab supports enterprises by developing and deploying protocol-driven solutions to address  end-to-end supply chain needs and increase trust, automation, and security from source to consumer.

Deployed on our fully decentralized ecosystems, protocols designed by Chronicled’s team of industry-leading cryptographers can yield a range of benefits that were not previously attainable on legacy siloed systems - while maintaining full privacy of data. Within this new trust boundary our protocols and ecosystems unlock, our enterprise partners can now achieve higher levels of efficiency, trust, automation, and security.

To start supercharging your business, get in touch and let’s discuss how we can help you power up your supply chain.

You’ll be in good hands. Our Enterprise Protocol Lab is powered by a world class engineering team of applied cryptographers, PhD researchers, blockchain engineers, and smart contract developers.

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Our Lab can help you:
Design advanced custom protocols for your enterprise needs.
Combine, mix, and match different protocols from our library to create new and powerful custom solutions.
Deploy protocol-driven solutions to your industry-driven ecosystem.
Innovate on new concepts on the forefront of applied cryptography and protocol development.
Origin Story

Community-driven and open-sourced

In 2014, Chronicled founded the IoT and Blockchain Lab as a collaborative R&D effort to explore and build standards for the integration of IoT Devices with blockchain technology.

Out of those initial efforts the set of IoT protocol primitives below were developed. These protocols were then released to the community in 2016 and served as the foundation for the Trusted IoT Alliance, a community of over 40 blockchain and IoT technology companies cooperating on building the decentralized IoT infrastructure standards of tomorrow.

Since then, we have remained committed to the community-driven development of protocols and have since launched an R&D division within Chronicled called the Enterprise Protocol Lab. We place emphasis on fully privacy-protected protocols leveraging internal technical capabilities with zero-knowledge proofs and applied cryptography.

Register Device

Register Device Identities to blockchain.

Transfer IoT Devices

Transfer Device identities.

Verify IoT Devices

Device Identities to blockchain.

IoT Wallet

Giving IoT Devices wallets to power machine to machine interactions.

Ledger Data from Device
Ledger Data from Device

Record data extracted from devices on blockchain -- i.e. readings from a temperature sensor.

Work with us

Are you an applied cryptographer, blockchain engineer, smart contract developer or researcher? Join us in developing privacy-enhanced protocols at the forefront of the industry in the Lab.

Careers at Chronicled
Work with Chronicled

In progress at the Lab

We keep busy at the Lab. Since 2014 we have been an innovation leader in protocol development and today, we continue to contribute our talent and resources towards our mission to redefine the enterprise supply chain.

Link supply chain
  • Inventory Management
  • Inventory Visibility
  • p2p Trade of Inventory Items
  • Inventory Discovery
Automate supply chain
Revenue Management
  • Streamlined Contract Management
  • Automated Chargeback Processing
  • Clearing and Settlement of Credits
  • Rebates Program Management
Extend supply chain
Industry Master Data Management
  • Unified Identity Registration
  • Enhanced Verification