A decentralized operating system for supply chains

The Chronicled Core enterprise stack simplifies and powers the deployment of decentralized supply chain networks that deliver trust and automation to the enterprise.

Chronicled CoreChronicled Core

Launch, grow, and govern decentralized networks

At the heart of our distributed ledger infrastructure is the Chronicled Core enterprise stack. We believe it should be easy to launch a decentralized network that delivers privacy, security, performance, resiliency, and scalability. This is why we’ve developed Private Clients, Consensus Clients, and Network Management Tools. With this infrastructure in place, enterprises can realize collaborative efficiency gains that free up valuable resources.

Decentralized networks running Chronicled software are built on open standards, enabling Service Providers to easily integrate their ERP products, supply chain management products, and other software products with industry protocols that run on the network. Siloed IT systems can contribute to end-to-end efficiency gains once they are plugged into an industry network and start to communicate p2p and record transactions to the ledger.

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Benefit from a p2p
network run on a blockchain

Privacy out of the box
Get privacy out of the box

Trade partners and enterprises can now passively cooperate on a shared network, without exposing any private data with zero-knowledge proof technology.

Enables smarter systems
Enables smarter systems

Smart Contracts complement business contracts and support business logic for multiple account types including manufacturer, distributor, auditor, insurance, and financing parties.

Build ecosystems
Build your own ecosystems

Launch truly decentralized industry networks that can unlock collaborative ROI.

Accessible and open
Accessible and open

Easily build powerful privacy-protected business applications on open standards. Connect to your supply chain partners seamlessly.

Automates Processes
Automates processes

Automate traceability, financial transactions, and other business logic.

Self-operate nodes
Option to self-operate nodes

Leverage the power of a network architected for high-throughput, scalability, and low latency. Host on-premise, or your preferred cloud service.

Chronicled Core

The complete enterprise supply chain toolkit

Our technology stack is the foundation for the creation and support of multiple industry ecosystems that bring enterprises together to improve and govern the network together. Secured by the fully decentralized and private blockchain network, enterprises can collaborate together in developing and leveraging protocol solutions that improve their supply chain and solve problems much more efficiently than previously possible in silo'd systems. Because of network effects, ecosystems built on Chronicled Core get even better over time as more enterprises join.

And the stack is ready for your contribution. Enterprises and service providers that use our software benefit from a vibrant and extensible platform that is built on open standards with no vendor lock-in or proprietary platform.

Chronicled Core Stack

Drive business forward

Keep private data private
Keep business intelligence private

Cooperate on a shared industry network without ever exposing your sensitive data. Built with DPR compliance in mind.

Trust in your data
Trust in your data

Rely on truthful and legitimate data logging by design with a shared system of records recorded on an immutable ledger.

Save money and time
Save money & increase efficiency

Pay the network on the go, with no upfront costs. Your access to the network is billed as you consume services.

Defend your industry
Defend your industry

Continue to benefit from existing vendor partnerships while also avoiding risks of single vendor exposure.  Join a fully decentralized industry operated network without ceding network level control.

Unlock new value sources
Unlock new value sources

Uncover potential partnerships and unlock new value sources. Design new applications that solve pain points you currently experience with your trade partners.

Save time
Save time

Let us do the hard work of pulling a network together, getting everyone onboarded, and establishing connections. Don’t worry about network management and seamlessly integrate, onboard, and deploy.

Comply with regulations
Comply with regulation

Leverage the benefits of a shared business network among industry participants to comply with different regulatory agencies without exposing confidential business information.


Industry driven
and operated

Balance security and performance

Balance security and performance

  • Architected for high throughput, low latency, and automatic scaling
  • Businesses own and control their confidential data
  • Maximize resiliency and security without compromising performance using an optimized node count model
  • Protect privacy and promote efficiency through a combination of p2p messaging and transaction verification on an industry ledger
Industry driven governance


  • The nodes are setup and operated by industry participants - with deployment support from Chronicled
  • Industry participants determine network policies and collaborate to oversee network governance
  • There is no central administrator, only a network manager
  • Enables customizable pricing that can be tailored to meet the volumes and requirements of each industry
Infrastructure and Tools

Engineered for privacy and scale

Private nodes
Private Nodes
  • Architecture informed by industry specific use cases
  • Based on open standards and applications
  • Peer to peer business transactions and private messaging
  • REST API exposed for easy integration with existing systems support for multiple client applications such as mobile and web apps
Consensus nodes
Consensus Nodes
  • Performs Blockchain consensus to prove transactions
  • Participant run consensus nodes on a fully decentralized network
  • No central administrator, only a network manager
  • No single point of failure

Bulletproof privacy

With zero-knowledge proofs, private ownership of your confidential data and p2p messaging, you can have your cake and eat it, too. With networks built on the Chronicled Core stack, only public data and mathematical proofs live on the blockchain ledger - so you can reap the collaborative ROI of the network with complete peace of mind.

Privacy first

Private Nodes (your business) can privately exchange data while running on a network of Consensus Nodes that provide fully trustable blockchain-based consensus for your transactions.

Network management services
Network Management Services
  • Permission network access according to charter
  • Ensure all network participants sign legal agreements
  • Enforce SLAs for network performance and capacity
  • Upgrade software versioning
Network charter and legals
Network Charter & Legals
  • Defines the roles of participants in the network
  • Sets rules for people and processes on the network
  • Legal agreements for all participants on the network
Network on boarding tools
Network Onboarding Tools
  • Makes it easy for industry players to download software and join the network
  • Web portal with software artifacts, legal agreements, and how-to videos

Simple and
predictable pricing

Never get surprised at the end of the month. Chronicled’s pricing model allows you to pay as you go, per protocol primitive. Easily manage your network through the network dashboard. Add credits to your account and you’re good to go.

Each solution protocol's pricing is tailored to the industry and ranges between pennies and fractions of pennies.

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The MediLedger Ecosystem

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MediLedger is an open and decentralized network for the Pharmaceutical supply chain. It is transcending the traditional silos that divide pharmaceutical suppliers and customers, while also building bridges for secure record keeping of each transaction that protects every party and ensuring fidelity across supply chains.

Imagine - an industry-wide network operated by the industry itself, connecting enterprises to all of their suppliers and customers. It’s happening today, built and deployed on Chronicled’s Core enterprise stack and ecosystem solutions.

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Network documentation

Network documentation

Network documentation

Network documentation


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