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A library of protocols to power automated, secure, and trusted decentralized supply chains.

Chronicled Protocols

Combine. Deploy. Powerup.

Protocols run in smart contracts designed by Chronicled cryptographers and engineers. Pair protocols with the power of our fully decentralized network technology to create a universe of trusted end-to-end supply chain solutions, from track and trace to IoT integrations.

Protocols can be used on their own or integrated by service providers into even more powerful business solutions.

With protocol-driven solutions, dozens of enterprises can plug into a multi-party network ecosystem and collaboratively benefit from its open, trusted, and collaborative synergy - unlocking the exponential benefits of collaborative ROI.

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Item Management Protocol
IoT Protocol

With great power comes great flexibility

Link supply chain


Unlock the full potential of supply chain traceability by linking any object, device, business process, or sensor in the physical world to a unique and unforgeable digital identity recorded on a blockchain ledger.

Automate supply chain


Automate your business processes within the new trust boundary. Chronicled protocols are based on open standards and permit automation between trusted parties. Drive more efficient multi-party interaction from chain of custody to automated rebates.

Extend supply chain


Extend the trust boundaries on a blockchain network while preserving  industry-wide privacy protection. Enforce standard business logic across an entire supply chain system and leverage the full benefits of industry-wide interoperability.

How it works

Open up a universe of possibilities

Our blockchain-powered stack gives your enterprise and service providers the ability to build an entire innovation ecosystem powered by protocol solutions - without any vendor lock-in or having to use a proprietary system.

You already work with applications built on protocols like HTTP and SMTP every day - like Gmail, Outlook, and the Internet. Our protocols give you the same flexibility and power to harness their capabilities across your supply chain. Multiple third-party apps built for your needs can be developed and integrated into your system seamlessly while being anchored by the layer of automation, trust, and privacy that protocols provide.

Audit Protocol
Protocol Library

your business

Unlock new opportunities to grow and scale. Chronicled’s protocol library makes it easy to create customized services tailored to your industry use cases. Use these smart contracts on their own, or combine them to create even more powerful enterprise scale solutions for supply chain ecosystems.

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Account Management Protocol
Product & Item Management

Product & Item Management

Manage the registration, verification, transformation, and transfer of products and items as the basis for mapping any real-world workflows.

  • Product Registration
  • Product Transfer
  • Item Registration
  • Item Verification
  • Item Aggregation & Disaggregation
  • Item Transformation
  • Item Transfer
  • Zk Item Registration (Privacy Protected)
  • Zk Item Transfer (Privacy Protected)
A digital fingerprint for physical world items and workflows.

Item Management allows you to represent physical assets on Blockchain, unlocking end-to-end supply chain solutions.

Work with any identifier, from a bar code to machine vision:

  • Serial Number
  • Bar Code
  • Internet Connected Barcode
  • Secure Barcode
  • QR Code
  • NFC / RFID
  • Machine Vision
Protocol features
  • Company Registration
  • KYC / AML
  • User Management
  • Roles and Permissions Management
  • SSL Certificate Management
  • Key Management
Solutions created
Account & Vendor Management

Account & Vendor Management

Create a customized onboarding experience for your network with KYC, User Management, and Key Management built in.

Proof of Audit

Proof of Audit

Upload and manage third-party audit reports.

Protocol features
  • Mint Non-Fungible Token
  • Mint Fungible Token
Solutions created
Asset Tokenization

Asset Tokenization

Create a physical-digital link between a real-world asset and a digital token.

Protocol features
  • Document Upload
  • zk Document Verification (Privacy Protected)
Document Management

Document Management

Manage documents related to your enterprise with privacy and security embedded into each one.

Protocol features
  • Secure P2P Messaging


Establish private communication and exchange EPCIS messages amongst trading partners.

Protocol features
  • Register Device or Sensor
  • Verify Device or Sensor
  • Transfer Device or Sensor
  • Ledger Data from Device or Sensor
IoT Integration

IoT Integration

Integrate hardware sensors into blockchain based workflows.

Protocol features
  • Contracting
  • Rebate Claims
  • Debit and Credit Memos
  • Incentives Management
Revenue Management

Revenue Management

Automate payments, financial transactions, reconciliations and chargebacks.

Protocol features
  • Product Registry
  • Member Registry
  • Item Registry
Solutions created


Register supply chain events and data into the blockchain easily and quickly. Build more trust into your supply chain and save time and money with fully verifiable data.

Enterprise Protocol Lab

Need support to design custom protocols to solve your supply chain problem or compliance needs? Our Enterprise Protocol Lab can help.

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Combine Protocols

Unlock the full potential of protocols by combining them together to benefit from collaborative ROI on your industry ecosystem.

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Developers and Solution Providers

Develop protocols quickly using open standards

Integrate your solutions easily into blockchain based networks with seamless integrations with existing systems. With flexible and out-of-the-box functionality taken care of you can focus on developing new solutions and access new revenue channels without worry.

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curl --request POST  \
--url \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json'  \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer $JWT'  \
--data '{
  'recipient_uri': 'gs1:company-prefix:0071404'
curl --request POST  \
--url  \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json'  \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer $JWT'  \
--data '{
"shared_properties": {},
"json_schema": "Pharmaceutical Trade Item"
curl --request POST  \
--url  \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json'  \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer $JWT'  \
--d $'{
   "data": {
        "Lot Number": "LOT034",
        "Expiration Date": "201231"