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A growing proliferation of counterfeit goods

Twenty years ago, the internet offered businesses with a revolutionary opportunity in the form of e‑commerce. However, e-commerce also became a major enabler for counterfeiters. The counterfeit market now reaches further than ever before and the nature of e-commerce means that counterfeiters can more easily hide or move between different territories to avoid being apprehended. Beyond obvious risks to brand value and reputation experienced by brands, consumers face significant safety risk when buying products with untested counterfeit ingredients.

  • Expanding level of counterfeiting
  • Increasing counterfeit quality
  • Difficulties quantifying the size of illicit trade markets
  • Challenges in pursuing legal action
  • Risks to brand value
A growing proliferation of counterfeit goods

Our Solution

Rebuild the Identity Model for Consumer Products and Tackling Illicit Trace Markets at the Root

Chronicled’s Anti-Counterfeiting solutions combine asset identifiers that are secure, unique, and low-cost with blockchain registrations to enable the creation of a previously unattainable link between the physical and digital realms. This is new technology developed in the last three years, which can absolutely solve the problem of non-detectible counterfeits if a brand is committed to rolling out across the entire product line.

Areas of Application

Industries that can benefit

  • Luxury Goods
  • Pharmaceutical Drugs
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Precious Metals
  • Perfumery and Cosmetics
  • Fine Art
  • Collectibles
  • Wine and Spirits
  • Clothing, Footwear, Apparel
  • Tobacco

Some of the industry regulations where this solution can help

Success Story

Countering Illicit Trade in the Collectible Sneaker Market

Counterfeit footwear costs legitimate manufacturers billions of dollars every year, and can undermine consumer confidence and brand loyalty. The answer: a digital identity that's impossible to knock off. Chronicled launched its first product identity and anti-counterfeit application in the limited edition sneaker market. In 2015 we started 3D printing external tags in the laboratory to affix to Jordans and Yeezys. We built an App experience for sneakerheads to claim their authentic kicks into their collection. With our partners we’ve authenticated thousands of  pairs of collectible sneakers at the SneakerCon convention and through collaborations with dozens of sneaker retailers and consignments such as Shoe Surgeon, Mache, and Sole Supremacy.

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A growing proliferation of counterfeit goods
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