Confidential Chain of Custody

Confidential Chain of Custody

Ensure that high value or high liability goods are securely transferred between parties without revealing the details to the network.


Counterfeits are costly to business

When shipping, transferring, and storing items of value, costly mix-ups can occur. Unrecognizable counterfeits can enter the supply chain, and authentic products can be swapped with fakes if product identities are not secure and verifiably unique; or chain of custody cannot be proven.

  • Counterfeit or subpar products can enter the supply chain, resulting in liability
  • Evidence and documents can come under scrutiny if tampering is suspected
  • Questions may arise around provenance and the origins of conflict minerals and items of value
  • Loss of confidence in your brand
Counterfeits are costly to business

Our Solutions

Chronicled's end-to-end confidential chain of custody solution enables individuals and enterprises to have unquestionable confidence in the origins and movements of high value products.

Combining Product and Item Management and Vendor Management protocols to create a blockchain-based chain of custody.

Areas of Application

Industries that can benefit

  • Auto parts
  • Aerospace parts
  • Forensic Evidence
  • Diamonds and Gemstones
  • Precious Metals and Minerals
  • Medical Devices
  • High Value Routers, Communications Equipment
  • Personalized Medicine
  • Organs
  • Athlete Anti-Doping Samples

Some of the industry regulations where this solution can help

Success Story

Tracking responsibly sourced Gold across the supply chain.

Emergent Technologies, parent company to Responsible Gold and creator of the G-Coin, is powering a blockchain-based supply chain and asset backed token for the gold industry using the Chain of Custody solution. IoT Device integration and Item & Product Management protocols that are combined to register and verify the identity of the conflict-free Gold and track the chain of custody from mine to vault.

Enhanced by those protocol solutions, G-Coin is reinventing the way gold is used for payments and investments and is unlocking fully trusted and auditable ethical sourcing for the gold industry.

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Counterfeits are costly to business
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