Provide tracking information and proof of goods provenance to authorized parties


Tracking in an increasingly complex world

Global supply chains have become increasingly complex, making product movements difficult to trace. Traceability and track and trace is becoming a regulatory requirement across many industries and yet, validating veracity of data, supporting regulatory audits, integrating siloed systems, automating end-to-end processes, and ensuring privacy is an afterthought for current approaches.

  • Track and trace requirements are being driven by global regulatory standards.
  • Goods, documents, and money flows in supply chain are disconnected and manually processed.
  • The friction between IoT platforms, ERP, and financial record-keeping systems results in a slow digitization of supply chain.
  • Inability to establish the legitimacy of inter-party event logs.
  • Traditional tracking solutions are hosted in private databases and not interconnected - which means email and manual process to trace the ‘trail of breadcrumbs’ back to source.Paying a centralized service provider to keep a repository of your supply chain events often involves leakage of data to hedge fund.
  • Centralized solutions create industry-scale vendor lock-in.
Tracking in an increasingly complex world

Our Solutions

Maximize supply chain transparency with traceability solutions

Blockchain is the ideal technology for building a connected record of a supply chain and the provenance of individual items.

  • Trade partners in fragmented supply chain ecosystems can passively cooperate on a decentralized, blockchain-backbone without loss of sensitive information.
  • Trade partners each have a software client, Android app, or ERP-plug that allows them to register ‘proofs’ representing supply chain events and ‘hashes’ representing data into the blockchain ledger.
  • Leverages hub and spoke data exchange to minimize integration costs.
  • EPCIS-compliant platform ensuring interoperability with GS1 and EPC Global initiatives
  • Splitting and re-aggregation within supply chain is able to provide full provenance
  • Easily integrate with existing ERP and SCM systems, packaging line solutions, and hardware scanners.
  • Provide proof of any supply chain event or data point to a customer, vendor, regulator, or end consumer

How it works

Seamless integration
Seamless integration

We provide one-time integration via ERP and SCM Adapters to the blockchain for our partners

Permissioned data
Permissioned data

Access granted to supply chain partners on selective basis to "view" data on blockchain

Secure tracking
Secure tracking

Key events in a supply chain are logged to a blockchain

Areas of Application

Industries that can benefit

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Agriculture
  • Commodities
  • Precious Metals and Minerals
  • Chemicals
  • Food and Beverage
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Apparel and Fashion
  • Automotive
  • Logistics
  • Aerospace

Some of the industry regulations where this solution can help

Success Story

MediLedger simplifies Pharma track & trace with blockchain

Pharmaceutical companies in Europe and the US are required to serialize, track, and verify their drugs from production through to dispensing, to ensure safety and legitimacy. In the US, they must do so with an interoperable digital method by 2023.

Chronicled launched the MediLedger Project in 2017 as an ecosystem for the pharmaceutical industry. The Saleable Returns / Verification and Confidential Change of Ownership Solution Protocols leverage GS1 standards, and register ‘proofs’ of supply chain events to an industry ledger. The solution protocols emerged after a year of requirements gathering and R&D with pharmaceutical industry working group members, and is solving problems such as data privacy, exception handling, and aggregation. This hub and spoke data exchange minimizes integration costs and integrates easily with existing systems and scanning and packaging infrastructure.

By logging key supply chain events in an anonymous way, privacy is achieved while also full-item history, quality control, and mico-second verifications are assured. The result is a safer, more compliant flow of critical, often lifesaving, pharmaceutical products.

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Tracking in an increasingly complex world
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